Our Story

Hi I’m Justin "Frotha" Holland the founder of Little Rippas kids SUPS. I’m a husband and father of two water-loving, frothing children. I have surfed all my life, compete on the professional world stand-up paddleboard circuit, love chasing big waves and I’m a builder on the northern NSW coast.

When I started stand-up paddleboarding, the one thing I wanted to share with my family was the joy of being on the water, see what was below and to be able to get a different perspective. But there was nothing designed for the kids that was practical. So I wanted to design some boards for my children so they would have the same amount of fun, stoke and froth as I did.

When I was designing Little Rippas I wanted to design a board that wasn’t too big and bulky for a child to carry down to the beach but would also be stable enough for them to go out on the ocean to surf on but also take to the creek or the lake. Being a father of two children carrying their stuff down to the beach can be painful enough so I wanted to make sure my kids could carry their own board and paddle. These boards all come in under 7kg, so they’re light enough for a child to carry and they fit in any small car. You don’t need a big car or ute to carry these boards on the roof.

As a father of two children I’m also very aware of the need for any product to be strong and durable. And as a builder, the quality of my constructions is my lifeblood. That’s why Little Rippas are among the toughest children’s surfcraft you’ll find. The boards are made from a durable EPS foam blank with two plywood stringers for extra strength and then wrapped in two 6oz fiberglass shells and a thin bamboo laminate on the deck. A soft skin added on the deck is great for comfort and safety and thick rubber stoppers on either end add further safety. You can check out Little Rippas TV and watch a video where I explain why Little Rippas are so tough.

Every board also comes with a lightweight, adjustable paddle that features a carbon blade and fiberglass shaft so it doesn’t matter what height the child is; a legrope which is a must for safety; plus three FCS fins. We want all the groms to progress with their surfing so that’s why every Little Rippas board is fitted with the FCSII plug system. One of the great things about surfing is not only progressing but learning how your board performs in different conditions and the important role different fins play. With the FCSII plug system you can switch out and play around with any FCSII fins you want.

Click on the link to learn more about our boards… THE WHALE FROTH AND THE JELLY FROTH

We also love shooting videos and giving handy tips at... LITTLE RIPPAS TV

If you have any questions, drop us an email on info@littlerippas.com

Thanks for checking out our story. We’re really proud of the Little Rippas kids SUPS and know you’ll have as much fun with them as we do.